What next for Rutronik Racing by TECE? Q&A with Manuel Reuter

News | March 30, 2021

Though it did not compete at this year’s Hankook 24H DUBAI, series debutant Rutronik Racing by TECE has confirmed it will complete the full season from here on with an Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo. The German squad, impressed with a front row start and 6th overall on its maiden 24H SERIES outing in Mugello. CREVENTIC caught up with Rutronik Automotive brand ambassador, and two-time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner, Manuel Reuter to discuss the team’s opening weekend and the season ahead. 

Manuel, what previous experience did the team have at Mugello prior to its first 24H SERIES start?

“I personally have a lot of experience at Mugello with the ITC [International Touring Car Championship], the DTM and world sports cars, and it’s one of the most challenging driver circuits. With the Italian atmosphere here, it’s always nice to race at Mugello.” 

What was it about the 24H SERIES that interested Rutronik Racing enough to register an entry?

“This series is really interesting for our gentlemen customers, and the package was impressive enough that the team decided to [commit] to the full season. Mugello was the first start for Rutronik Racing in the 24H SERIES and we still have quite a bit to learn. But in general, I think the concept that mixes gentlemen drivers and professionals is a really good one. The circuits and locations also suit our gentlemen drivers really well.”

CREVENTIC prides itself on running a professional series but with a relaxed atmosphere in the paddock. Based on your experience so far, would you say that is a fair assessment?

“Up to now, there is something we are missing generally in motorsport, and that’s a relaxed atmosphere: we race hard on-track and have fun beside it. It’s this spirit we have to bring back generally to motor racing, and I think, with an organiser like CREVENTIC, it’s a nice environment to work in.”

Has the competition in the 24H SERIES come as a surprise to the team, and what are your thoughts on the series’ more characterful elements like the Code 60s and the overnight ‘hiatus’?

“The break during the night was something we all had to get used to. Also the Code 60, which I think is quite a strong element for the 24H SERIES, but again, I think is something you have to get used to it. Mugello was the first weekend for us so we are still in the learning process, but we know, car-wise, we can be competitive. We’ve raced against Herberth [Motorsport, which won its third Hankook 12H MUGELLO last week] in Germany in the ADAC GT Masters, so we know when our package is right, we can challenge them. Yes, car-wise and performance-wise, we’re very happy so far.”

Rutronik Racing is confirmed for the rest of the season. Which circuits in particular are you looking forward to competing at?

“Personally, I like Sebring a lot. I raced there with the old Group C cars back in the ‘90s, so I have really good memories of that. We have Barcelona, Paul Ricard, and we also have Hockenheim. We have entered one car for the entirety of the series and, maybe, we might enter a second car for that because [the circuit] is just 60kph away from our home base. We’re looking forward to the rest of the season.”

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