VIDEO. Paul Ricard Highlights 2015 – A day of days (finally!) for RAM Racing

News | April 18, 2021

CREVENTIC’s first official endurance event at Circuit Paul Ricard in 2015 would see a GT specialist finally secure its maiden series win, a battle for the lead undone in the closing stages by electrical problems, and MARC Cars continued dominance of the SP2 class, though not with the car the Australian outfit had hoped. The first 24H SERIES race to ever take place in France did not disappoint!

On the 24H SERIES’ first official endurance event in France, RAM Racing tore the proverbial monkey from its back with its first official series win. One well-earned after a race-long battle with HB Racing Team Herberth. 

2015 Hankook 24H CIRCUIT PAUL RICARD Highlights
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The Bavarian outfit led 118 of the 586 laps outright and was closing in on the RAM Racing Merc as the race reached its finale when Le Castellet’s soaring temperatures sent the Porsche’s electronics haywire. Although Herberth was able to rejoin, the Porsche was two laps behind at the chequered flag, a result that propelled RAM Racing to the top of both the podium and the championship standings.


Herberth was far from the only GT3 team to hit trouble at Circuit Paul Ricard though. HP Racing and Scuderia Praha managed to tangle at the very first corner but, quite incredibly, fought back through the field to secure 3rd and 4th places respectively. This, despite the Ferrari tripping over the Red MARC as well inside the final three hours. 

SPS automotive-performance harried the leader incessantly during the opening hour but made contact with a lapped car heading out of the final corner, the resultant broken suspension costing the team 30 minutes in repairs. Hofor-Racing also ran solidly in the top five for the first half of the event only to suffer fuel pump issues and, later, a collision with the Red SEAT. The Swiss team received a mighty slap on the wrist for driving the Mercedes, now with a sparking front left wheel, into the refueling area.  


Thus, in an impressive showing, Ruffier Racing and Crubilé Sport finished 5th and 6th on the road to secure the top two steps of the 991 class. GDL Racing and Porsche Lorient Racing proved the category’s demonstrative pace by rounding out the overall top 10 in 9th and 10th. 

Behind the Car Collection Motorsport Mercedes, MARC Cars Australia took its fourth successive SP2 class win of the year. It was the #92 Focus V8 on this occasion though that secured the honours in 8th place, the sister #91 managing only 40th overall after multiple gearbox issues, hampering the latter’s overall championship assault in the process. 


Nova Race secured a commanding 1-2 finish in the SP3 class, and despite a terrifying spin at 170kph (caused by wheel hub failure), Hofor-Kuepperracing took victory in a heavily depleted A5 category, the soaring temperatures having fried most of its competitors’ engines. Team Altran took its second consecutive A3T class win ahead of NKPP Racing’s brand-new SEAT Leon Cup Racer, while Securtal Sorg Rennsport was the CUP1 victor. Racing Team Clio took the A2-class win after early leader Team K-Rejser suffered engine failure, and many also applauded the efforts of Nilsson Motorsport Team Scantech, which finished 6th in-class despite entering the 24-hour event with only two drivers!

The full ‘Memories of Paul Ricard’ article is available in the 2021 Hankook 12H CIRCUIT PAUL RICARD, now available for digital download below.

Overall Top 10

1.     RAM Racing

(#30, Mercedes SLS AMG GT3)

2.     HB Racing Team Herberth

(#7, Porsche 997 GT3 R)

3.     HP Racing

(#2, Mercedes SLS AMG GT3)

4.     Scuderia Praha

(#4, Ferrari 458 Italia GT3)

5.     Ruffier Racing

(#17, Porsche 991 Cup)

6.     Crubilé Sport

(#55, Porsche 991 Cup)

7.     Car Collection Motorsport

(#27, Mercedes SLS AMG GT3)

8.     MARC Cars Australia

(#92, MARC Focus V8)

9.     GDL Racing

(#77, Porsche 991 Cup)

10.  Porsche Lorient Racing

(#63, Porsche 991 Cup S)

A6 – 586 laps


– A6 – 584 laps


– A6 – 574 laps


– A6 – 571 laps


997 – 561 laps


– 997 – 555 laps


– A6 – 553 laps


SP2 – 545 laps


– 991 – 543 laps


– 991 - +1m 58.996s

Class winners

A6 – RAM Racing

(#30, Mercedes SLS AMG GT3)

997 - Ruffier Racing

(#17, Porsche 991 Cup)

SP2 – MARC Cars Australia

(#92, MARC Focus V8)

A3T – Team Altran

(#208, Peugeot 208 Gti)

SP3 – Nova Race

(#206, Ginetta G50 GT4)

CUP1 – Securtal Sorg Rennsport

(#67, BMW M235i Racing Cup)

A2 - Racing Team Clio

(#112, Renault Clio Cup Endurance)

A5 – Hofor-Kuepperracing

(#75, BMW E46 M3 Coupe)

– 586 laps


– 561 laps


– 545 laps


– 532 laps 


– 516 laps


– 500 laps


– 490 laps


– 400 laps

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