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News | January 15, 2020

Though his name is well-known in the endurance racing motorsport scene today, JM Littman was already past 30, with no karting experience under his belt, before he was bitten by the bug. That loan single seater race in Scotland though would later lead to seasons competing in Caterham Roadsports and R400s, Porsche Boxsters, Toyota MR2s, the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, and, of course, the 24H SERIES. In 2016, JM piloted a Rogue Motorsport Toyota GT86 to 5th in-class. Two rounds later at Paul Ricard, now at the wheel of an HRT Performance Porsche 991 Cup, he was a class winner, and hasn’t looked back since. 


That’s not his only racing experience though. In fact, he’s a multi-time champion in a discipline you probably won’t guess… 


“JM Littman.”

Age? You can lie about that if you want…

“A ‘young’ 50!”

Where and when was your first ever car race, and how old were you?

“1999, at Knockhill in Scotland in the pouring rain: it’s Scotland and of course they don’t have any other type of weather. It was in a Formula Jedi single seater” – run under the British Racing and Sports Car Club banner and later renamed Formula F1000 – “and I finished last, but I’ve never worried about racing in the rain since.”

What is the best moment of your racing career so far?

“I’m very lucky as there have been so many! In recent times, there was the podium in the VLN last season.* I had no idea where we were in race and the crew chief calmly came on the radio: ‘okay, chequered flag. P3.’ I went crazy in the car. I couldn’t believe it. It had been more about just surviving than racing. But sometimes, just getting a pat on the back from your team and being told you did a great job is worth more than any trophy.”


*At last year’s ACAS H&R Cup, the third round of the VLN, JM finished 3rd in the V5 class with João Lima de Oliveira in a PROsport Performance-entered Porsche Cayman.

Describe yourself in three words…

“Pet. Rol. Head.”

Describe the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you at a motor race …

“I was pulled out of a race car by armed police. A legal issue for the team, not myself.”*


*If you’re reading this JM, we BADLY want to hear the rest of this story in a later issue!

Describe your helmet design to us, and what it signifies…

“The main feature is the paw print. It’s been on every helmet I’ve ever had and a paw is also on my racesuit over my heart. It’s because my dogs got me into racing and also directed me towards my main business, Webheads: my first website was for my huskies in 1994, then someone asked me to build a site for them and the rest is history.”

Which circuits have you not competed at yet, but want to? And why?

“It looks like I’m about to tick off Monza, the temple of speed. It’s the iconic Formula 1 track for me. I’d also love to race some street tracks like Pau or Monaco being the dream.”

What annoys you the most?

“Being a passenger.”

What would you like to achieve before retiring?

“Who said I’m ever going to retire?!”

Tell us a random fact about yourself that your fans might not know…

“I was a five-time British Sled Dog Racing Champion.”*


*Impressive enough in itself, JM and his Sleddog team even supplied huskies and handlers for select scenes in Angelina Jolie’s ‘Tomb Raider’ in 2001

Finally, what do you enjoy most about competing in the 24H SERIES?

“CREVENTIC has done a great job of making a friendly and customer-focused series. When I arrive in the paddock, it’s like one big family.”

JM Littman was speaking with David Vink and James Gent at the 202o Hankook 24H DUBAI. Images courtesy of Petr Frýba.

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