Strong Luxurious Hospitality upgrade for 24H SERIES 2022

News | February 22, 2022

From the Hankook 12H Mugello onwards, Creventic will debut the new deluxe hospitality area; the CREVENTIC Endurance Lounge


The CREVENTIC Endurance Lounge will be on-site at all European events of the 24H SERIES in 2022 from next month’s Hankook 12H MUGELLO 25-26-27 March onwards. 


Like hospitality areas constructed at previous 24H SERIES events, the brand-new lounge will serve as a dedicated rest and relaxation area for drivers, team personnel, and VIPs throughout the course of a race weekend. 

Drivers are invited to bring their family, friends and sponsors, so they can enjoy the race weekend to the utmost. Live timing and live stream of the sessions will be visualized at the hospitality.


“We’re very pleased to finalize this new upgrade in our hospitality service for our European season,” CREVENTIC sporting coordinator Ole Dörlemann explains. “While a significant portion of our team’s time and effort is dedicated to providing the most challenging, fulfilling and safest racing we can across the globe, we also take the ‘down time’ of our competitors very seriously too. The relaxed atmosphere in every 24H SERIES paddock is something we’re all incredibly proud of, and we’re confident the hospitality is able to create a “family environment” at each event it is available.”

As well as the 200 square foot indoor hospitality suite, which comfortably seats up to 120 people, the CREVENTIC Endurance Lounge also boasts a 50 square foot outdoor ‘patio’ by the main entrance, complete with seating for up to 20 people. A dedicated reception area and kitchen is also incorporated.


The new service includes a comprehensive beverage and snack service, which will run uninterrupted throughout each race. Invited guests also have the option to enjoy a good glass of wine, beer or cocktails during the race weekend.

Creventic contracted the champion of Mediterranean cuisine, W Racing Projects, and their menus for each event are set to include Italy’s finest meats, fish, vegetables, herbs and confectionary, as well as focaccia and pizza, baked fresh every day. 


Based in San Marino, W Racing Projects have provided motorsport hospitality suites across two decades for celebrated racing series like MotoGP, the World Rally Championship, the World Touring Car Cup, Formula E, and World Superbikes, among many others. The Italian company has also partnered with multinational carmakers Audi Sport, Mercedes-AMG, Aston Martin and Volkswagen Motorsport, and continues with BMW Motorsport to this day.

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