Safety car on standby for the first-time at Hankook 6H ABU DHABI 

News | January 21, 2023

Race control will have the option to call a safety car for the very first time at an official CREVENTIC event at this weekend’s Hankook 6H ABU DHABI.

Safety cars could be implemented at an official CREVENTIC event for the very first time at this weekend’s Hankook 6H ABU DHABI as part of an evaluation by the Dutch promoter to further improve both track safety and overall competition.


Code 60 caution periods, during which cars on-track are restricted to 60kph to protect marshals and track personnel performing a recovery, have been part of official CREVENTIC events since the Dutch promoter’s very first race in 2006. For the first time though, and if required, the use of a safety car will also be at the race director’s disposal at the Yas Marina Circuit this weekend. 


Should an incident require the race to be neutralized, the decision to do so will be made by the race director as usual. If an on-track incident requires only a short period of time to clear, a Code 60 will be called, with competitors limited to just 60kph and refuelling loads restricted to 10 litres until the purple flags are recalled. Should an on-track incident require more time however, a safety car will be deployed to bunch the field together. 


It is hoped this initiative, being evaluated for the first time ahead of possible long-term implementation, will keep competition tight for competitors while simultaneously reducing the risk for track officials even further, with the speed of all cars, now circulating closer together, determined by one course vehicle. Safety car periods may also keep strategic avenues open for teams, with prolonged full-course yellows allowing PRO and PRO/AM teams to ‘burn’ pre-determined AM driver time at their discretion.


Casper de Kort, CREVENTIC sporting and technical coordinator:“CREVENTIC has always been keen to try new things and shake-up its procedures, whilst never forgetting to prioritize the safety of everyone at our events. We believe the Hankook 6H ABU DHABI is the perfect opportunity to explore the use of a safety car in the 24H SERIES for the first time, and we hope, as always, our competitors will offer their feedback in order for us to continue improving our racing.”


On-track action for the third annual Hankook 6H ABU DHABI begins with three private test sessions on Friday 20 January. Following one-hour of Free Practice and 55 minutes of Qualifying on the morning of Saturday 21 January, the green flag for the Hankook 6H ABU DHABI itself will be flown at 16.00 hrs local time later that same afternoon, with the six-hour event set to run uninterrupted until 22.00 hrs later that night. The 2023 Hankook 6H ABU DHABI will also determine the inaugural winners of CREVENTIC’s new Middle East Trophy.

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