The Prototype Cup events will be open for current and old-spec P3-Prototypes, FIA Group CN cars and FIA Group II-SC cars.

Class P3 €25.000, other sports cars €15.000.
The entry fee includes entry fee for all races, paddock space and 3 sets of slick tyres for P3 cars and 2 sets of slick tyres for CN cars.


  • Tire brand: Michelin
  • Maximum 3 sets of tires per weekend (5 sets during first event).
  • Fuel supplied in drums (price per drum and supplier TBA).
  • Prize fund of € 20.000.
  • Live Streaming of all races.



  • One or two drivers per car
  • Minimum one Bronze or Silver driver per car
  • National licence is eligible


  • Free Practice: 2 sessions of 30 minutes each
  • Qualifying: 2 sessions of 15 minutes each
  • Races: 2 races of 60 minutes each (mandatory pit stop window)

Class P3

The P3 class is reserved especially for P3 type-Prototype cars of both the first and second generation.
The P3 categroy is used in many prototype based championships around the world.
The current version of P3 prototypes is running with a unified Nissan VK56 V8 Engine with 5,6 liters capacity, producing up to 460 HP at a weight of 900 Kg.

Class CN

The FIA CN category is reserved for cars that are in line with FIA ISC Appendix J Art. 259 These sports cars are designed to run at low weight and high power. Within the series, the class is limited to an engine capacity of 2L or 1,6L Supercharged respectively