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Last year RENNtech Motorsports entered its first Hankook 24H COTA USA and finished on the GT4 podium. Presumably this year the plan is to equal or better that result in GT4?
Last year the 24H COTA was the very first outing for our Race-Team at all. We were very pleased with the result but felt we could’ve done even better. This year, we’re definitely planning on improving the result.
GT4 is one of the most competitive classes in the 24H SERIES. What strengths do you feel the Mercedes-AMG GT4 has around COTA that perhaps your class rivals do not?
The Mercedes-AMG GT4 is probably the best all-around car in the GT4 field. It is developed to suit pro driver as much as amateur/gentleman driver. We were able to setup the car in a way, that our pro driver was able to set the pole position, while still keeping our amateurs competitive.
As a team, you’ve competed at most of North America’s well-respected and popular race circuits. How does COTA compare, and more specifically, how does a 24-hour at COTA compare with other events you’ve completed in the past?
COTA is one of the most prestigious race tracks and arguably the best built circuit in North America. The excellent facilities and great network make it easier for teams to prepare for a 24H race and make sure to have a reliable car through the 2 days.
Does the success of Charles Putman, Charles Espenlaub and Joe Foster – American drivers also using Mercedes equipment – perhaps inspire RENNtech Motorsports to compete in more 24H SERIES events alongside COTA?
We as a brand have close ties to Mercedes-AMG and are always interested in the overall results by AMG GT4 and GT3 cars. Their success and the overall way how the Creventic are setup and organized made us interested in other 24H Series events. Especially the Championship of the Continents with the COTA race, Dubai and one race in Europe is interesting for us.
There’s a lot of time to make the final decision, but do you think you’ll return again for the Hankook 24H COTA USA in 2020? If so, why?
So far, we’ve been really happy with the Hankook/Creventic events and the support we received before and after the race. If all goes well with the team and future events, we’d be happy to have the 24H COTA race as a fixture in our calendar.