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24H DUBAI 2020

9-10-11 January 2020

Winter Endurance Championship

WEK 6H DUBAI New Years Nightrace


At Zandvoort every year we had the traditional New-Years Night race, basically al kind of cars can participate. This year the circuit is undergoing major modifications for the F1 and the organisation of this “Winter Endurance Championship” which is a combination of the Zandvoort circuit and the DNRT joined forces with Creventic to see what we can do. It has been decided to have an alternative Newyears Night race in Dubai. This will not count for the “Winter Endurance Championship”

The race will take place on Tuesday 7th January, 3 days before the start of the 24H DUBAI 2020.

Entry Fee (including fuel for the whole event)
2 cars per container: € 3.950,- per entry (>3000cc + € 500,-)
3 cars per container   € 3.200,- per entry (>3000cc + € 500,-)
4 cars per container   € 2.400,- per entry (>3000cc + € 500,-) (double loading floor. To be placed by team itself)For teams not using Interstate of Nangkang intermediates but Hankook slicks will receive and reduction of € 500,- on the entry fee

Do you need a Visa?
EU-members don't need a Visa for the United Arab Emirates.

What is the price for a flight ticket?
On transavia.com you can book tickets.
Monday until Wednesday from € 300,- per person.
KLM & Emirates are slightly more expensive en could be € 400,- and € 600,- per person.

Where can we spend the night?
Around the circuit there are some hotels on walking distance, you can find these on booking.com, however for special deals you can always call us at +31 (0) 485 471 166. It is also possible to spend the night in your pit box.

The new Studio-One hotel costs for example € 50,- per person for 2 nights on booking.com
Please book in time because full is full and it could be more expensive by that time.

Where can we eat?
Through the tunnel underneath the circuit you will have a supermarket  and several nice and favorable restaurants.

Is it possible to drink alcohol?
In Dubai only hotels with a licence can sell alcohol.
Here you will find all the restaurants and bars.

What is the role of Creventic in this?
Creventic is facilitating the circuit and the transport and if required the hotel reservations

Is the tyre choice free?
All cars who are using slicks will need to use Hankook. C&R the tyre service of Hankook will be present at the circuit.
The cars who are usually using the Nangkang or Interstate intermediates need to bring their tyres. As a courtesy C&R will mount those tires at € 10,- each

What are the Hankook tyre prices?
The prices of the Hankook tires can be found HERE

Is there a reduction of the entry fee if I choose to drive Hankook?
Each team will receive a € 500,- reduction on the entry fee when using solely Hankook for the event

When we need to load?
Loading will be on 27-28 November 2019

Where to load the cars
The cars need to be loaded on a dock near Rotterdam, the alternative is to ask Creventic a quote to load at you workshop. However if you are planning to load more than 1 car, all cars need to be loaded at one location. You have 2 hours free time to load the container , after that you need to pay €80,-/hour waiting fee.

What is the size of a container?
The size is: 12,19mx2,28mx2,53m (LxWxH)

We want to work together with 3 other teams and want to load 4 cars, how can we do that?
It has been done before. It is not easy and it takes courage. Maybe you need to demount the wheels so 2 cars will fit on top of each other. You can lift the cars with chains to the ceiling, or you weld an iron frame to put on the cars. All equipment should be place inside, outside, under, on top, or next to the cars. If you load 3 cars , then depending on the size and if demounting some bodywork you can put them behind eachother and construct a wooden floor above the cars for the tools and spares.

Which papers I need to present to Creventic for loading?
Creventic will take care for custom clearance. They will need an invoice with the value of the goods, a packing list with a description of the goods, Car brand, type, color , chassis number, number of toolboxes etc. An example of this papers will be provided

When will our car and equipment be back?            
The goal is to have everything back in Rotterdam at the 2nd week of February

How many drivers on a car?
Between 2 and 5 drivers

Which cars are allowed to participate?
All cars according the WEK regulations

How sure is it that this race will take place ?
We needed to have a minimum of 10 cars, in the meantime we are far above that and start raising invoices to 20 teams so the race will take place

Under which regulations do the cars need to be?
All cars according the WEK regulations

Is there a noise limitation?
There is a noise limitation of 105 Db.

Could our car participate in the Wednesday Free test for the 24H DUBAI?
That is possible at the same costs as for the 24h teams

I have only one mechanic who wants to join me, how ?
Participants should see this as an adventure, we are there to enjoy racing together. We expect drivers and teams are helping eachother, besides that there will be a lot of people in the paddock for the preparations of the 24h Dubai. It is most likely that some mechanics will be happy to assist you for a pitstop.

Some team members would like to sleep in a pit box, is this possible?
Off course that is possible, but the air matrass you need to bring by your own. Each box has washing room, showers and toilets

Will we work from a pit box or tents?
Probably we will not have enough space to accommodate everyone in a pit box. So it is recommended to you bring a tent to have some shade

Can I take my diesel race car to this race in Dubai?               
Yes you can, but probable you need to refuel diesel cars with standard iron tanks during the race.

How is the refueling is organised ?
There is a central refueling zone at the end of the pitlane with commercial fuelpumps with 98 Octane gasoline.
Max speed 20km/h

Which License do I need?
Minimal an International D license

Which papers I need to present to Creventic for loading?
Creventic will take care for custom clearance. They will need an invoice with the value of the goods, a packing list with a description of the goods, Car brand, type, color , chassis number, number of toolboxes etc. An example of this papers will be provided