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24H COTA USA 2018

16-17-18 November 2018


TRANSPORT TO HANKOOK 24H COTA USA / Circuit of the Americas

How does this all work and what are your best options ?

More than a decade Creventic is organising overseas 24H endurance races.
For the 2nd time we will visit COTA – Circuit of the Americas for our Hankook 24H race.
We have a broad knowledge of Freight, and our reliable logistics partner SEL.
Creventic can assist and offer you a variety of possibilities.
Sea freight – Ports and loading dates
You can bring your car and equipment to an assigned loading warehouse or deliver your container straight to the terminal.
Standard transport of 1 car and 2 pallets of equipment is already included in your entry fee and we will take care of all your custom formality and paperwork.
Additional transport options are available if required.

Please have a look how team Bas Koeten is loading their container at their workshop:  https://bit.ly/2AQ2MBE
Loading dates for sea freight and standard ports    
Standard transport option included in the entry fee    
15 October Antwerp port Warehouse loading possible
Other transport options    
17 October Bremerhaven  
18 October London  
On request Other International ports On request

Prices and transport options

Trucking from / to your workshop - optional

For teams who would like to have more time after 12H SPA to prepare the cars they can add a few days more using the following option:
Containers will be brought straight to Bremerhaven Port which offers the fastest connection with the USA. Be aware we can only do this for shared or exclusive containers loaded at your workshop. ( there is no warehouse option in Bremerhaven). It is possible to receive the container at your workshop to load. We can arrange the trucking for you at additional charges. Just send your workshop address to : jansen@creventic.com
Below an indication of the trucking cost*. Fee loading time is 1 hour. Extra hours will be charged with 80 euro per hour.
  Trucking cost* - optional  
Km Team warehouse to port Bremerhaven or Antwerp /
without side loader container will stay on chassis
Team warehouse to port Bremerhaven or Antwerp /
with side loader container will be grounded
<150 km 500 euro* 650 euro*
<300 km 800 euro* 1100 euro*
<500 km 1100 euro* 1350 euro*
<1000 km 2300 euro* 2600 euro*

How does the loading at an assigned warehouse work?
A container is placed by Creventic at a loading dock so it is easy for teams to load their assigned container with their car and equipment. Once the team loaded and lashed everything, Creventic’s transport partner will take care of all custom formalities and the shipment to the USA, including grounding at the paddock of Circuit of the Americas.

Documents required ATA Carnet and EPA form
ATA Carnet
Teams do require an ATA Carnet (Admission Temporary Admission for import and export) which can be arranged by the team itself or via Creventic. Via Creventic at a charge of 550 euro per carnet. For an additional ATA Carnet cost will be 550 euro + custom clearance check in- check out of 400 euro.

EPA form
Furthermore Creventic and SEL prepare an EPA form  (Environmental Protection Agency) for each team which only needs to be checked and completed by the team.
Opening the container at Circuit of the Americas and return freight
Once teams can access Circuit of the Americas according to the official time schedule, they can unload their container and start their preparation for the race.
Containers stay at the paddock for the duration of the complete event. They can be used as storage or sleeping.

Directly after the event, teams can load their containers and we will arrange the sea freight back including customs formalities.
Sea freight back to Europe
Europe, arrival approx. beginning or middle of December. Teams can unload the containers again at the SAME warehouse available in Europe as per departure. Any other option available upon individual request and quote.
Sea freight from COTA to DUBAI
If you will race the Hankook 24H DUBAI 2019 as well, your container will be shipped straight from Houston port to Jebel Ali port in Dubai.

Air freight
What if your car is not ready in time? There is always the option to air freight the car and/or equipment. Please send an email to  jansen@creventic.com  with the full dimensions of the cars - Length, width, height, wheelbase & weight, and we will prepare you a quote.

Transport Insurance
Transport insurance for the sea freight can be arranged by Creventic.
Cost will be 0,6% of the total value of the car and equipment +130 euro administration/ custom cost.
The transport insurance will cover the following: Damage, fire, sinking of the vessel or any others that will be covered by the transport insurance. Without a transport insurance these points aren’t covered.

Template forms teams
1.   EPA Declaration
2.   ATA Carnet
3.   Packing list
4.   Letter of Intent
5.   Crates labels

*all prices are subject to changes