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*1000 euro discount on payment 12 weeks before the race and 500 euro discount on payment 8 weeks before the race.

Hankook 2x6H SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS 6-7-8 October
(together with proto race / non championship) 

Entry fee
Class SP2, 991, SPX and A64.500 euro
Entry Package info / Optional Extras

Hankook 24H COTA USA 10-11-12 November 2017
Regular entry fee* Teams outside USA
Class D1, A2, CUP1, A3 and TCR6.000 euro
Class Prod2.5 and Prod3.06.000 euro
Class SP3-GT4, SP2, 997 and 99110.100 euro
Class SPx and A612.900 euro
entry fee is including transport

Regular entry fee USA Teams
Class D1, A2, CUP1, A3 and TCR5.000 USD
Class Prod2.5 and Prod3.05.000 USD
Class SP3-GT4, SP2, 997 and 9916.250 USD
Class SPx and A67.500 USD
Entry Package Info / Optional Extras / Package USA Teams / Transport options & prices

Hankook 24H DUBAI 11-12-13 January 2018
Regular entry fee
Class D1, A2, CUP1, A3 and TCR6.600 euro
Class Prod2.5 and Prod3.06.600 euro
Class SP3 and GT4 8.600 euro
Class SP2, 997 and 99110.100 euro
Class SPX and A612.900 euro
entry fee is including transport, 1000 euro discount on payment before August 15th and 500 euro discount on payment before September 15th.
Entry Package Info / Optional Extras
VAT is not applicable for teams with a valid VAT-ID-number (with exception of Dutch companies with a VAT number). Otherwise entry fee is exclusive VAT.

Click here to make your registration or call us at +31 485 471 166
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How to make your registration?
  1. Make your pre-registration by our website: www.24hseries.com/series/registration. Fill in the information and of course also the race(s). By making a pre-registration you have the intention to participate. It is still not a definite registration. When it is your first pre-registration for one of our races you will receive your login and password for our online Sympa system. With this system you can fill in the information about the team, drivers and car by yourself. You will also need the Sympa system for step 2 and 3.
  2. When you have made the pre-registration, we can and will keep you informed about the races you made the pre-registration for. Every race has a regular entry fee. The exact amount of the entry fee depends on the race (these can be different) and if you profit the early entry, because with the early entry it is possible to get a discount. For the 24H SERIES this discount is € 1000 when you make your entry at least 12 weeks before the race. When you make the entry between 12 and 8 weeks for the race the discount is € 500. So if you make the entry within 8 weeks for the race you pay the regular entry fee. Please note that the payment has to been done to benefit the discount.
  3. After the entry fee you have to choose your package. There are three different packages: basic, medium and complete. All three the packages contain enough to race (except tyres and required equipment like led display, ID-transponder and back panels). The medium package is a bit more extensive with services and the complete package has even more services. By choosing the medium or complete package you have a package advantage when you compare it with buying the services separate.  You can order the package very easy with our online Sympa system.
  4. With our optional extras you can finish the entry. These services are an addition on the package. Services like exclusive pit box and on-board camera and catering. You can fil this in, in our Sympa system.
For information about the regulations, classes, driver eligibility and tyres click here.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help you!
Would be great to see you at one of our races soon!